Unit 12 - More Childhood Memories

I  remember when we were in school the School Board used to  come round if you stayed at home from school and we were all afraid of him.  He came from Penrhyn.  We also had a nurse coming round and she  had a good look through our hair to make sure it  was  clean and nothing was moving in it!

My  friend Trefor from Cefntrefor Isa had a nail from the  Smithy and it was very sharp and as he was playing with it he tore  some pages from a book and of course he had the cane and after  dinner he ran to Glanywern to the Church school there with Person Hughes and he went the following day as well.  There was a lot going  to our school then as there were big families - more than ten in two or  three families, and it was only the scholars who could  go  to Barmouth  to  the County School and then perhaps  their  families could  not afford to send them.  They were so poor with  only  the father's  wages coming in.  Miss Lloyd, Ty Gwyn was  teaching  the infants,  Mrs Rowlands, Standard one and two, Parry  Williams  3 and 4 and Edmund Williams, the Headmaster, standard five.  I  can only just remember Mr Thomas as he died in 1917. 

When  we went to Soar in  Winter to the Band of Hope we would  go over  to the Foel behind Ysgoldy and we would put a match to  the dry  bracken and in the excitement we would be lost in the  smoke and the flames and be very lucky to be back in time for the  Band of Hope.  In Summer we would go to Soar to look for jackdaw nests, and  we  would  take some young ones home and keep  them  like  a  budgie,  and they used to fly over the houses and if there  was  a window open they would go in and take anything that was shiny and of course that was trouble for us.

Talking of jackdaws, they go on their holidays when the billberries are ready in the Rhinog and you don't see them around for about  a month.   If you want to see a kingfisher walk from  Glanywern  to Glyn  Bridge and go on the path from bridge to bridge and if  you are  quick  enough you will probably see one.  Pont  Gwyddelod  is near  Dolorcan on the Maesyneuadd Road and if you  go  underneath the bridge you will notice  that the first bridge was very narrow, with only  enough  room for the horse and for people to walk on  it  - perhaps they went through the river.