Unit 13 - This and That

There is a well known well under Soar, it is called ffynnon  Sion Morgan.   I'm sure they carried water from it across the Wern  to the old Dolorcan.

When we left Trefor Place I looked at the deeds and the Owner was John Lloyd, 121 Park Road, Liverpool, Shopkeeper.  He must be the same  family  as Robert Lloyd who lived in Gwenda's shop  and  in 1873 Robert Evans of Aberdeunant, Joiner and Edmund Jones,  Glanrafon, Farmer 1878 and it shows at that time how people came down from  Llandecwyn and I'm sure if we looked at the deeds of  other houses in the village the same thing happened.

There was a lot of water wheels in Talsarnau at one time.  I  can remember the one at Cefntrefor Isa working when we were children, there  was  a little lake on the side of the road  they  used  to block  the  little stream and they had enough water to  turn  the wheel and the machines they had in the building on the road side.  There  were water wheels at Ffridd Fedw, Llety, Tyddyn Sion  Wyn, Plas  Uchaf, Felin Eisingrug, Ffatri Bondwll, Maesyneuadd,  Glyn, Caerwych, Barcdy and Tregwylan.

When I was in the traeth setting my lines  in the thirties I  met Richard  Hughes the Author who was cleaning his net as there  was quite  a  lot of seaweed in it and he stood up and  said  what  a lovely place the traeth was.  "Look around" he said, "it is  like beeing in a saucer with the mountains all round, what scenery and in  all the countires that I have been to there is  nothing  like this."  When I walk on the sand I look around and think of  Richard  Hughes and his bicycle as he rode the sand to post his  letters  in  Portmeirion.  If you happened to be on  the  road  from Penrhyn before the war you would see the farmers from  Llandecwyn walking  over  the bridge with their basket full  of  butter  and eggs,  they were taking them to Penrhyn to the shops to exchange them  for  groceries.  That was the way that they did  a  lot  of their  shopping,  they  had to pay a penny then to  go  over  the bridge  and  Evan y Bont, as he was called made  sure  that  they paid. 

There was one farmer I can remember who came down to the  village with his horse but no cart only the wheels and the bar across and he would tie a sack of flour or perhaps he would be able to  rope other  things  with the sacks, if I remember right  he  lived  in Nantypasgen. 

It  was nice to see some of the sailors coming home  after  being away for a year or perhaps two and it was sailing ships then that went  out from Porthmadog carrying slates and they would bring  a load of timber back with them to Porthmadog or something else.  I can  remember my cousin Wille Ellis, he went out from  Porthmadog and  I  was told that another one that was with him  turned  back home  from  St. Tudwals and never went o sea  again,  but  Willie Ellis  carried on to be a Captain on a steamer and so did  a  lot from  Talsarnau.  When there was a circus at Barmouth or  Harlech they would be coming through the village early in the morning and of  course  all the children would be up and when  the  Elephants came  they would beg and people used to give them plenty of  food but the lions and tigers would be in cages.

1827  -  This is to certify that Robert Richard, Ty Gwyn  in  the Parish of Llanfihangael y Traethau is a person of good  behaviour and of sober life and conversation. We the undersigned hereby recommend him to be licensed to keep  a house of public entertainment in his said dwelling house. Witness our hands the 18th day of September 1827.

I  thought  this was of interest, I found it at  Gwynfor's  house Gwrach Ynys.