Unit 15 - Cultural Activities

The Gymanfa Ganu was very popular in the old times.  I can remember when we were young my mother took us every year to where  the Gymanfa was, as the Wesleyans had the Gymanfa in different places each  year and still do on a very small scale.  The best  gymanfa that  I  can remember was in the Methodist Chapel  in  Talsarnau.  The Wesleyans asked if they could have the Chapel for the day  as there  was not enough parking space at Soar.  The  Conductor  was Dr. Leslie Wynn Evans and the congregation were still singing  as they left the Chapel.  It was nice to hear the people singing the hymns as they walked in the road for weeks after that.

We had two Eisteddfods at Talsarnau.  The Soar Eisteddfod, as it was called, and Eisteddfod y Pasg.  That took place at Soar every Easter  and the other was Eisteddfod yr Eglwys and took place  at the  school  (the Village Hall today, - but a new community centre has been built since then).  There was also  a  little Eisteddfod at Peniel in Eisingrug and the Ynys but they were more for the locals. 

The dramas went down very well between the  wars and  we used to walk to Harlech on New Years Eve to listen  to  a drama at the Town Hall and we had a lot of fun walking home early in the morning, there were a lot of old people amongst us.  

They had  Whist  drives at Glanywern Church Hall and  there  was  some people  very  keen that they would not miss any  whist  drive  in other villages. 

The `Cyfarfod Pregethu' took place in Soar  once a  year, at one time they would invite two ministers to  Soar  to preach on a Sunday in September.  One would preach in the morning and  the other in the afternoon and in the evening the two  would preach.  

In  the early thirties they opened a picture  house  in Porthmadog,  the  Coliseum, and I can remember two  of  us  going round  the village to get people to put their names down so  that we  could  send it up to the railway to get a late train  to  run after  the  pictures and we were successful and  the  train  kept running for years until people started buying cars.  If we wanted to  go  to  the second house we had to go with  Robert  John  the Garage  and he charged us 2sh. each and we paid nine pence to  go in to the picture and 2sh. if we wanted to go to the Balcony.