Unit 18 - Quarry Workers

These are names of men who worked in the Quarries:-

I'm  sure that today there are only a few that can  remember  the men  who  worked in the Quarries.  I will try and name  then  who worked there between 1926 and the Second World War.  I will start in the village:-

Tom Jones, Father of Megan and Berth, Robert  John, The Garage; Humphrey Williams; Ellis  Owen;  Robert Jones (Iris's Father); Griffith Morgan Williams; Meirion Jones, Isgraig; John Williams and Dei `South'; Tommy Williams and  Robin his son; Morris Jones; Owen Roberts; Rhys Jones and Glyn;  Daniel Evans; William Williams, Trefor Place and his son; Meirion  Jones and Will; Harri Jones, `Bungalow'; Griffith Roberts and  Griffith Henry  ;  Hugh Owen Hughes; John Roberts and  John  Gwilym;  Owen Morris;  Griffith  Owen; Bob Richards and  Emrys  Owen  Williams, Rhiw,  Evie and Arthur Williams, Evan and Johnnie;  William  Roberts, Capel Griag; Robin Williams, Garth byr; Robin Williams,  Ty Canol; Evan Williams, Gwndwn, Evie and David Elwyn; 


Robert  Hughes;  Dafydd,  Tecwyn, Robin, Hywel  and  Dic;  Robert Jones,  `Evie';  David  Gwilym Williams;  David  Williams,  David Roberts and Griffith John; Ivor Williams; Dafydd Owen, Dic a Will Jones,  Capel  Fawnog; David Williams, Maescaerau;  Edward  (Ned) Williams,  Canbwlch;  Owen Davies, Penbrynpwlldu and  John  Price (the two walked down to the Power House to catch the bus;


Charles  Jones,  Bryn  Moel; William  Thomas,  (Billy's  Father); Dafydd  Thomas (No.14); Edmund Evans `Borth'; William Jones,  Cei Newydd,  Daniel and Will; William Williams,  Tyrpeg,  Bronygarth; Gwilym, Dafydd Meirion, Idwal Jones, Pensarn, John and Hugh; William Jones; Evan Jones; Ellis Jones, Eisingrug; Tom Will, Jack Ellis Jones, Tanpenmaen; Eban Richards, John Evie ac Elwyn,  Hugh Edwards,  Jordan  Roberts, Madders a Robin;  Dafydd  Griffith  ac Ellis,  Yard;  William  Williams,  Tanforhesgan;  Richard  Jones, Bryntyrion;  Dafydd ac Evan, Glyn; Teitus Jones,  Cefngwyn;  Hugh Williams, Ynys Gifftan, Bob a Dafydd.